One reason you might want to join a professional body and gain one of the qualifications they offer was explained in a report by the independent consultancy London Economics. This found that over the course of a working life, you will earn more than you would have.

But why join the NIOB in particular? The answer, in part, is that so many others already have. Anyone with a management role, or who is studying for a role, can join, whether they’re a project manager, the HR professional who employed them, the lawyer who drew up the works contract, or the client who signed it. At present we have over 7,000 members in Nigeria.

You can join the NIOB regardless of where you are in your career. If you’re a student, studying full time, you can apply for free membership after which we’ll be available for advice and support throughout your working life. If you’ve come up through the tools, or if you’ve switched to construction from another industry, or maybe just joined the board, we have an option for you.

Finally, consider why employers are prepared to pay such a premium for a NIOB qualification. Probably the least important reason is the prestige. More important is the evidence it offers that a manager has a deep understanding of their discipline and a broad knowledge of related fields. And if they have reached chartered status, an employer knows their competencies have been verified and guaranteed by a chartered body with years of experience of doing just that.

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